5 Myths and 5 Truths About Warts

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Warts are often misunderstood, as there is no shortage of myths about them. However, the truth is much simpler and often less scary. If you’ve developed a wart and have questions, this is the place to start.

5 Common Myths About Warts

A myth is defined as “a widely held but false belief or idea.” There are a lot of myths out there about warts. Have you heard any of these?

  • Toads cause warts: this is one of the biggest myths about warts, mainly because many toads appear to have wart-like things on their skin as well.
  • You can’t get rid of a wart forever: some warts will go away on their own, some will go away with treatment, but they will go away forever – some of them will be more persistent and either stick around for a while or come back.
  • All warts are the same: warts can appear very differently, so some you may not realize are warts or may go completely unnoticed.
  • Household treatments are effective: there are many household treatments for warts, and some may seem effective at first, but are rarely successful long-term.
  • Warts are a sign of serious illness: warts typically only affect the skin where the HPV virus was able to cause an infection, meaning they are rarely more than superficial, except for when sexually transmitted.

5 Facts About Warts You Should Know

Now that we’ve gotten the myths out of the way, these are some things you should know about warts. Having a better understanding of what they are can help put your mind at ease before seeking treatment from a dermatologist.

  • Warts are contagious: because all warts are caused by one form of the HPV virus or another, warts are contagious – if you have a wart, be sure to cover it.
  • Warts are common: they are much more common than you may think and have been going back centuries, so much so that it’s become part of our slang language with the phrase “with warts and all.”
  • Warts can develop anywhere: the virus replicates anywhere it sits for a length of time without being disturbed, such as in a cut or other break in the skin, which can happen anywhere.
  • Warts can be painful: while most warts are painless and typically won’t bother you, some could be uncomfortable or even cause pain, so they should be treated right away.
  • Warts can be prevented: by washing your hands regularly, wearing shoes in public spaces like showers and taking other precautions against the HPV virus, you can lower your risk of developing warts.

We recommend a dermatologist treat any wart because they can assess the growth and determine the best treatment. It also allows you to ask questions. Contact Medical Dermatology Specialists today to schedule your appointment.

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