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Acne is a problem at some level for nearly everyone everywhere. It typically starts with puberty and hormonal changes, and many people find that it plagues them throughout life. 80% of acne cases are found in adolescence, and about 20% of all acne cases occur in adults. Understanding what causes acne and how to treat it will go a long way in dealing with unwanted breakouts when they occur.

Acne is caused by greasy secretions from the skin’s oil glands plug the tiny pores that are on the surface. Large pore openings form blackheads, which are small, flat spots with dark centers. Blackheads are generally found on the sides of the nose, where it is difficult to scrub the skin gently. Pimples (also known as whiteheads) form in small pores where the clogged oil gland is too small to hold the bacteria that is plugging pore. Both blackheads and whiteheads can become tender and swollen, and they can cause feelings of embarrassment. Another type of acne that affects some people are nodules, also referred to as cystic acne. These firm swellings develop below the skin’s surface, and they become inflamed, incredibly tender, and sometimes develop infections. People with oily skin tend to suffer from acne earlier in life, more regularly, for more extended periods, and throughout adulthood.

The severity of the issue determines treatment for acne. For most acne sufferers, a prescription daily facial cleanser or a chemical peel can significantly improve mild acne. For those who suffer from severe acne, laser treatments or light therapy may be recommended. Our acne specialists will ensure that you get an advanced treatment plan that is right for you.

At Medical Dermatology Specialists, we can help you regain your confidence and quality of life. Whether you are a teen or an adult, acne can cause significant emotional distress and even depression. Dr. Jamie Weisman leads her staff by using in-depth knowledge and the latest research in acne treatment. We want to deliver long-lasting solutions to your acne. Contact our practice to schedule a teledermatology appointment today.

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