Hay Fever Rash

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September is here, and while that typically brings dropping temperatures, cooler and more pleasant evenings, and fall sports, it also means that Hay Fever season has arrived. Hay fever is an allergen based condition that can make a person’s life miserable. Hay fever causes cold like symptoms such as a runny nose, congestion, sneezing, sinus pressure, and itchy, watery eyes. This condition is causes by an allergic reaction to outdoor and indoor allergens. For many, plants that begin to bloom in the fall months (e.g. Golden Rod) have the most serious effects and can interfere with leisure activities. It stinks a great deal because the air temperature is finally pleasant again, yet being outside to enjoy it causes misery.

While hay fever has many allergy symptoms, it can also go a step further for some and cause even more misery. Many people suffer from the allergic reactions to airborne particles; however, some have a more severe reaction and also suffer from hay fever rash. Skin irritation can occur when allergens come into direct contact with the skin.

Children will often develop a rash while play outside in the yard as they stir up pollens by running through the grass, jumping in leaves, or tromping through the woods. Many times, hay fever rash is mistaken for hives. However, hives will eventually go away on their own while hay fever rash will not be as temporary.

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