Hives happens when the skin reacts to an irritant and causes itchy welts that can be small or large on the body. Hives can be triggered from internal and external substance exposures such as foods, medications, plants, or other things. Many people however, are not aware of the exact triggers that cause hives and are left questioning their choices in diet and exposure. Hives causes red patches to appear on the skin. These patches can occur in clumps or single welts on the body. Patches of hives can also “hop” around on the body; when first noticed they may be on the arms and torso, and then 30 minutes later they may disappear from those areas and appear on the back and legs.

Hives are typically very itchy and can be uncomfortable to deal with. For those who break out into hives without knowing the cause(s) behind their hives, they find that it is hard to treat and prevent breakouts. At Medical Dermatology Specialists here in Atlanta, Dr. Jamie Weisman and her staff work hard to find the cause behind your hives. Without knowing the cause(s) behind your hives breakouts it is not easy to treat the issue. Dr. Weisman works with all of her patients on an individual basis to determine whether hives are caused by an allergy, medication, illness, or systemic disease. It is with this thorough diagnosis that hives can truly be treated.

Dr. Weisman and the staff at Medical Dermatology Specialists understand how irritating hives can be for children and adults. If you suffer from regular hives breakouts, call the office of Dr. Weisman. Medical Dermatology Specialists wants to offer you more than just a cream to treat the symptoms. Dr. Weisman wants to get to the root causes of your hives breakouts and treat them at their source.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Jamie Weisman, Medical Dermatology Specialists, Inc.