Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac

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Poison oak, poison sumac and poison ivy all contain the same plant oil that triggers an allergic reaction on your skin. If you brush up against or come in contact with one of these poisonous plants, the urushoil comes in contact with your skin and will cause an allergic reaction on it. While they all have the same plant oil, they are different in many ways.

Poison Ivy

This type of poison usually grows east of the Rocky Mountains. It is typically in the form of a vine or shrub with leaves that have either smooth or notched edges. They are often in clusters of three.

Poison Oak

This type of poison usually grows west of the Rockies. It is typically in the form of a bush, but can also be a vine. Poison Oak leaves have smooth edges. They are often clustered in groups of three, five or seven.

Poison Sumac

This type of poison is found in wet areas, usually in the Southeast. Its leaves are typically smooth and oval-shaped. Each stem usually has seven to 13 of these leaves growing on them.

The Good News

None of these rashes, if you have them, are contagious. However, if the oil is still on your skin or clothing, the oil continues to have the ability to cause further rash on you or anyone else that comes in contact with it.

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Posted on behalf of Dr. Jamie Weisman, Medical Dermatology Specialists, Inc.