Preventing Skin Chafing

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If you’re an athlete or enjoy being active and exercising, it can cause you to have an unexpected soreness on your skin. Skin chafing can occur when your clothing or your skin rubs against your skin. The chafing can occur if your clothes are not fitting properly and the extra friction causes the painful condition. In addition, the salt that you sweat may make the friction cause further chafing. Chafing can also occur between your inner thighs or other areas that may rub together after repetitive movements like running.

If you’ve experienced skin chafing you know just how painful this condition can be.  Just step into the shower and let the water run over the reddened area and you will feel a shot of stinging pain instantly. Chafing is most common between thighs, groin, underarms and nipple areas.

To prevent skin chafing you can try to remain dry. Remove wet clothing as soon as you finish your workout. During your workout, you can use talcum or alum powders to wick moisture away from your skin. Petroleum jelly works to help reduce friction. Lastly, wear proper clothing. Choose properly fitting, moisture –wicking and synthetically made fabrics.

If you experience skin chafing, pay attention to it. Give it the attention and care it needs before it turns into a bigger problem. Keep the area dry and clean and give it time to heal.

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Posted on behalf of Dr. Jamie Weisman, Medical Dermatology Specialists, Inc.