When Sweating is NOT Cool

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Let’s face it, there are certain things that are perfectly normal functions of the human body that are still quite embarrassing. Burping, passing gas, and sweating are the most common embarrassments that most people try to avoid at all costs while out in public. Sweating is the body’s natural cooling feature, yet there are certain times when sweating is completely unwanted. Sure, sweating profusely during a workout can make you feel great knowing you pushed your body to its limit, but sweating during normal situations can make you feel awful.

When the body exerts itself, is in a hot environment, or is under stress, sweating is normal. However, when the body experiences abnormally excessive sweating that is not related to heat or exercise, it is a condition called hyperhidrosis. People who sweat so much that it soaks through their clothes, drips down their foreheads, or drips off their hands are experiencing a disruption to their daily life.

Social situations, professional environments, and intimate encounters can all be ruined by profuse sweating. If excessive sweating has begun to take its toll on your quality of life, it is time to do something about it. At Medical Dermatology Specialists in Atlanta, Dr. Jamie Weisman has the experience and depth of research needed to accurately diagnose the cause of your hyperhidrosis and give you a specialized treatment plan.

Certain underlying causes can trigger excessive sweating:

  • Eating spicy foods
  • Emotions
  • Excessive caffeine consumption
  • Genetics
  • Hormonal fluctuations (pregnancy, menopause, etc.)
  • Metastatic tumor
  • Nerve disorders
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Thyroid condition

At Medical Dermatology Specialists, we are here to not only diagnose your hyperhidrosis but to understand its cause as well.

You do not have to suffer through the embarrassment of excessive sweating. Let Medical Dermatology Specialists help you find the best way to slow down your perspiration so that you can find your confidence again. Call us today.

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