When the Baby Needs a Skin Doctor

Mom With Baby

Few things in existence are as soft as a baby’s skin. We love to touch it, smell it and breathe in the scent. But it is heartbreaking when your baby’s skin is afflicted with a rash or a skin disease, particularly if it’s a painful, itchy condition. So, when you have a baby who needs a dermatologist, you need a pediatric dermatologist trained in recognizing and treating skin conditions affecting babies.

Will My Baby Outgrow Rashes?

Many baby rashes are outgrown, particularly the ones seen right after birth. Other rashes can seem to come and go regularly. When a baby’s rash doesn’t go away or seems to be particularly painful, your pediatrician may suggest a pediatric dermatologist.

Babies and children often struggle with specific skin conditions, including eczema and rosacea, acne, hives, warts and autoimmune diseases. Eczema is common for many babies. While some get relief from moisturization, others need prescription medication and even antibiotics if eczema leads to skin infections. Knowing your child is receiving specialized professional treatment eases any parent’s mind. A pediatric dermatologist will use the latest technology and medication to ensure your child’s skin is brought back to health.

Does Every Rash Need a Pediatric Dermatologist?

You don’t need to run to the doctor for every rash your baby or young child may develop. Many of them are simple reactions and will resolve independently, and you can relieve symptoms with OTC products. However, when something out of the ordinary presents on your child’s skin, having specialized education and experience treating children is a benefit that’s hard to beat.

Are Skin Treatments Safe for My Baby?

Many skin treatments and products are safe to use on children and even infants. When you trust the treatments from the dermatologist, you are not as likely to choose some irritant that makes things worse. In addition, children often feel nervous when seeing a doctor. Knowing your dermatologist has learned and practiced the most effective ways to examine and treat children without causing them fear means you can focus on your child and make sure you understand the doctor’s instructions.

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