Allergies Contact Dermatitis

Dr. Jamie Weisman of Medical Dermatology Specialists in Atlanta GA

Allergies affect different people in different ways. Allergic contact dermatitis is a form of dermatitis that is caused by an allergic reaction to an allergen when it comes in contact with the skin. This condition is also referred to as “contact allergy.”

There are common types of allergic contact dermatitis, including a nickel allergy or poison ivy. However, there are certain contact dermatitis allergies that are not as obvious because their signs and symptoms do not show up right away. In fact, many people will go 48 to 72 hours after being exposed to an allergen before they have any type of reaction. It is true that contact dermatitis is typically found at the site of direct contact with an allergen, but if the allergen is an unfamiliar chemical, plant, etc., it is often difficult to determine what is causing the allergic reaction.

At Medical Dermatology Specialists, we understand the importance of not only finding out the specific cause of your allergic contact dermatitis, but also providing long-term relief from the condition and its symptoms. Dr. Jamie Weisman, a nationally recognized board-certified dermatologist, leads our practice as an avid clinical researcher and specialist in skin conditions. Dr. Weisman knows that many skin conditions are more than just “skin deep,” and she will work to determine the causes of your allergic reactions as well as effectively treating your contact dermatitis.

An accurate diagnosis is key to successful treatment of allergic contact dermatitis. The cause of the skin’s reaction often depends on whether your skin is affected by allergic contact dermatitis or common irritant contact dermatitis. While these sound very similar and have similar symptoms, in order to provide proper treatment, an accurate diagnosis must be made. At Medical Dermatology Specialists, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest standard in medical dermatology to make sure that you have the answers to your chronic or acute skin conditions. Please contact us today with any skin concerns that you have.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Jamie Weisman, Medical Dermatology Specialists, Inc.