Atlanta Poison Ivy Treatment

Do you need relief from a poison ivy rash? Medical Dermatology Specialists provides effective poison ivy treatment for patients of all ages. We are a thriving research and advanced medical dermatology practice that delivers a new level of care to patients with skin problems. Our nationally recognized and board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Jamie Weisman, believes in giving patients a comprehensive approach to skin disease. Whether it is simple topical treatment for poison ivy or a cutting-edge treatment for psoriasis, our skin experts will give you the highest standard of care you deserve for long-lasting relief.

Poison Ivy Symptoms

The itchy rash that is caused by contact with a specific oil (urushiol) on the poison ivy can occur anywhere on the body. Poison ivy rash can be identified as fluid filled blisters that typically present themselves in a linear pattern. A severe poison ivy rash may produce intense swelling and oozing blisters. If your poison ivy symptoms are not improving with over-the-counter topical creams or antihistamines, Medical Dermatology Specialists can offer you the professional treatment you need. We have the clinical expertise to treat all types of allergic contact dermatitis, including poison ivy. There is no reason to endure your severe poison ivy symptoms for many weeks, let Dr. Weisman and the staff of Medical Dermatology Specialists help you today.

Poison Oak, Poison Sumac and Poison Ivy Treatment

Poison oak, poison sumac and poison ivy all contain the same plant oil that triggers an allergic skin reaction. If you need topical, oral or even systematic treatment for this common contact dermatitis condition, contact our Atlanta Poison Ivy Treatment Experts at Medical Dermatology Specialists right away. We are proud to be the dermatologist that Atlanta residents turn to for the most progressive and advanced skin care treatment.