Atlanta Keloids Treatment

If you have unwanted scars, we can help you with top quality keloid treatment at Medical Dermatology Specialists in Atlanta. Dr. Jamie Weisman founded our thriving research and medical dermatology practice to provide a new level of care to patients with skin disorders. As a nationally recognized dermatologist, she carries years of research knowledge and active patient care experience to give you the effective treatment you deserve. We believe in a comprehensive and patient centered approach to your skin care. Whether your baby has eczema or you have a stubborn autoimmune disorder, our dermatology practice can treat your entire family with the most advanced and progressive treatments. We take the time to understand your keloid skin condition through any stage of life, and our scar removal experts are committed to developing a customized treatment plan that suits you best.

Keloid Scar Treatments

Unsightly scars can certainly affect you self-worth, and they can become itchy and painful. Medical Dermatology Specialists can take care of your Keloid scars using a variety of treatments. Whether your keloid was caused by a skin injury, trauma from a burn or wound or even chicken pox, our medical dermatology practice can help you. We will use a treatment technique that works best for your specific keloid condition, including topical creams, corticosteroid injections to safely soften your scar and reduce its appearance or surgical removal if necessary.

What is a Keloid?

Keloids is a condition that usually occurs after a skin related injury. A layer of scar forms near the healed injury. It is important to seek keloid treatment if you have scars that are burning or itching. At Medical Dermatology Specialists, we stay involved with the latest evolving research of keloid scar treatment and we are equipped to deliver successful solutions to your unwanted scars. Contact our Atlanta Keloid Treatment Specialists today to learn how our medical dermatology practice can help you with your skin problems.