Atlanta Blistering Skin Disease Treatment

If you suffer from the chronic discomfort and embarrassment of blistering skin disease, then choosing Medical Dermatology Specialists in Atlanta can be the best decision you will ever make. Our expert in autoimmune skin disorders, Dr. Jamie Weisman is the dermatologist you can trust for the most advanced treatment and latest research therapies regarding your blistering skin disease, including the common pemphigoid and pemphigus. Our Atlanta dermatology practice serves patients of all ages with effective and long-lasting treatment options for a wide range of skin conditions. We are proud to be a thriving research practice that can meet your skin care needs using the most cutting-edge treatments available. At Medical Dermatology Specialists, you will find a team of dermatology experts that are dedicated to giving you a well-rounded approach to controlling and treating your blistering skin disease in Atlanta. We value an on-going relationship with your primary physician or other specialist to help us ensure your skin condition is properly taken care of.

Symptoms of Blistering Skin Disease

The formation of uncomfortable blistering lesions in blistering skin disease can vary widely in severity and symptoms from patient to patient. In some cases, blistering lesions can cover a significant portion of the skin. It is important to note that blistering skin disease that is left untreated can lead to more serious, life-threatening complications. At Medical Dermatology Specialists, we understand the disruption blistering skin disease can be to your quality of life and self-confidence. Let us help you by taking the time to accurately diagnose your specific blistering skin symptoms and providing a specialized treatment plan that works best for you.

What Causes Blistering Skin Disease?

Blistering skin disease is caused by autoimmune disorders. This happens when antibodies mistakenly attack proteins in your body that are essential for the layers of your skin to stick together. If you have blistering skin disease and have never investigated the cause, Dr. Weisman and our autoimmune disease specialists can help you today. Contact our Atlanta Blistering Skin Disease Treatment Experts at Medical Dermatology Specialists for advanced, patient centered care regarding your blistering skin disease treatment.