Atlanta Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Do you experience sweating that is more than normal? Chronic excessive sweating is referred to as hyperhidrosis. Medical Dermatology Specialists has the expertise and personalized care you need when it comes to hyperhidrosis treatment in Atlanta. We are a thriving research and medical dermatology practice that can provide the most advanced and progressive skin care techniques. Dr. Jamie Weisman leads our practice as a nationally recognized board-certified dermatologist who offers a unique comprehensive and patient centered approach to treating your skin problems, whether it is hyperhidrosis, acne, psoriasis or other autoimmune skin disorder. We believe that skin problems are more than skin deep. Therefore, at Medical Dermatology Specialists, we not only treat your symptoms, but we will work hard to diagnose and treat the source of your skin condition.

Excessive Sweating Treatment

We understand the impact your excessive sweating has on your quality of life, particularly in social situations. Whether your sweating is on your hands, feet or underarms, our dermatology practice is equipped to help sufferers of all ages and race with successful excessive sweating treatment. Dr. Weisman carries the experience and depth of research needed to accurately diagnose your hyperhidrosis cause and give you a specialized treatment plan that works best for you, including advanced methods that can safely eliminate your sweat glands if necessary. You can be confident that our team of experts will stay ahead of the curve in providing the most comprehensive and long-lasting skin care solutions to your entire family.

What Causes Hyperhidrosis?

Sweating is a normal response to cool the body. When the nerves that trigger your sweat glands become overactive, it causes hyperhidrosis. Stress can easily worsen this skin condition. Genetics can also influence your likelihood of experiencing hyperhidrosis, especially as it pertains to your palms and soles. Occasionally, your excessive sweating may be caused by an underlying health condition such as a thyroid condition, low blood sugar, or even some types of cancer. We are the medical dermatology practice you can trust to not only diagnose your hyperhidrosis but understand its cause as well.

Let Medical Dermatology Specialists help you find the best way to slow down your perspiration so you can be socially confident again. Contact our Atlanta Hyperhidrosis Treatment Experts today to get started with your treatment.