Atlanta Lupus Treatment

Are you suffering from skin related problems from lupus? Medical Dermatology Specialists in Atlanta can help you with the latest and most advanced treatment for your lupus skin condition. Dr. Jamie Weisman is a nationally recognized and board-certified dermatologist who specializes in the ways in which autoimmune diseases affect the skin. Our medical dermatology practice was founded with the goal to provide a new level of care to patients with skin disease and other conditions, including chronic skin problems or rashes associated with lupus. As a provider of dermatologic clinical trials, we invite you to take advantage of our unique practice that offers cutting-edge lupus treatment. We value an ongoing relationship with your rheumatologist to ensure you get the effective and long-term relief you deserve. No matter your skin disease or your age, Medical Dermatology Specialists will deliver the comprehensive approach to skin care your family needs to stay healthy.

Symptoms of Lupus

The symptoms of lupus can be overwhelming and dramatically affect your quality of life. Skin disorders are often one of the unpleasant symptoms that surround all types of lupus. Lupus rash affects more than 90% of lupus sufferers. This rash is identified by red skin patches, painful skin lesions and raised nodules. Medical Dermatology Specialists has the expertise you need to properly diagnose your skin problems related to lupus, whether it is lupus rash, cold sores or other skin irritation. We believe that skin problems are more than skin deep. Therefore, we value a comprehensive approach to taking care of systemic diseases such as lupus and treating your skin disease at the source.

What is Lupus?

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system to attack healthy cells and tissue within the body. There are several types of lupus, including systemic lupus, discoid lupus, and subacute cutaneous lupus. Unfortunately, all of these types of lupus involve skin irritation. Dr. Weisman is a dermatologist who is dedicated to helping patients achieve long term relief from lupus skin disorders and going beyond symptom relief efforts of topical creams, oral therapy or steroid creams. For a dermatologist who will work with your rheumatologist in getting the effective skin care you deserve, contact our Atlanta Lupus Treatment Experts at Medical Dermatology Specialists today.