Atlanta Wart Removal

If you need professional wart removal in Atlanta, Medical Dermatology Specialists can help. We treat all types of warts, including plantar warts, flat warts or periungual warts. When over-the-counter products are failing to remove your warts, we have a team of skin care experts that will offer an effective wart removal method that works best for you. Dr. Jamie Weisman is a nationally recognized dermatologist who founded our Atlanta practice in order to provide a new level of care to patients with skin problems. We carry years of experience in clinical dermatologic research and active patient skin care to give you the most advanced skin treatments available, including wart removal for children or adults.

Wart Treatment

Medical Dermatology Specialists provides a variety of wart treatment options depending on your specific type of wart and past treatment attempts. You can trust that we will offer the safest, yet most effective solutions that will eliminate your warts now and prevent recurrences. Your wart treatment may begin at home with salicylic acid products, or you may need one of our simple, in-office wart removal procedures such as freezing liquid nitrogen. Whatever your wart removal includes, you can be confident that Medical Dermatology Specialists will give you the highest standard of care and expertise you deserve.

What Causes Warts?

A virus, typically the human papillomavirus (HPV), is what causes warts. The virus invades the body through an area of broken skin. HPV infects the skin’s top layer and causes it to rapidly grow to form a wart. These skin growths, although non-contagious, may require dermatologic treatment to go away. Dr. Weisman and our qualified skin care team can examine your wart and provide an effective treatment plan right away.

Contact our Atlanta Wart Removal Dermatolgists at Medical Dermatology Specialists for advanced, patient centered skin care today. We look forward to taking care of your skin conditions through any stage of life.