Atlanta General Dermatologist

General dermatologyDr. Jamie Weisman is a board-certified general dermatologist who offers advanced and personalized skin care treatment in Atlanta. Medical Dermatology Specialists will treat your entire family with the strong medical expertise you need and the compassionate care you deserve. Our Atlanta dermatologist has a distinguished dedication to clinical research and finding the most progressive and advanced treatments for your skin concerns. Whether helping you choose from the wide array of treatment options for psoriasis or screening you skin for cancerous moles, you can trust our team of experts in Atlanta to offer long-lasting and effective solutions. Medical Dermatology Specialists believes that skin problems are more than skin deep. We value a comprehensive approach to treating the primary cause of your serious skin conditions, including working with your general doctor or other specialists as needed. Our practice holds a reputation for helping patients find successful solutions to skin problems when other treatment options have been exhausted. We offer treatment for the following skin conditions:

What is Medical Dermatology?

Medical dermatology is a branch of medicine that focuses on conditions of the skin. Dermatology can also include concerns regarding your nails, hair and sweat glands. Providing medical dermatology can be as simple as alleviating dry skin and poison ivy or as complex as removing cancerous moles or treating chronic autoimmune skin diseases. Our Atlanta practice is equipped to handle a wide range of dermatology concerns for your entire family, including common skin conditions such as psoriasis, hyperhidrosis or acne as well as pediatric skin rashes and eczema.

When You Should Come to a Dermatologist?

Your skin reflects the health of your body. It is the largest and most visible organ of the body and acts as a barrier against injury and bacteria. Your skin is worth the specialized care a dermatologist can give you. A dermatologist can diagnose, treat and help prevent the inevitable skin diseases that people of all ages face. If you suffer from a serious or chronic skin condition, you understand the importance of seeing a dermatologist for quality skin treatment.

Let Medical Dermatology Specialists take care of you today. Contact our Atlanta General Dermatologist today. We have the knowledge, advanced technique and products it takes to deliver specialized and comprehensive skin care to patients in Atlanta.