November 21, 2014

Dr Weisman is one of the best Dr’s I have ever seen. She is smart, interested in her patients, looks for the practical solutions and is really a pleasure. Her practice is accommodating, and I highly recommend Dr. Weisman.

November 16, 2014

Dr. Weisman is a problem solver and an excellent doctor. After years of suffering with psoriasis, she used both her research knowledge and practical experience to help find a solution for me. My psoriasis has been clear since starting with Dr. Weisman.

November 16, 2014

Dr. Weisman is excellent. I have been to several dermatologists in the area and have not found one who could treat my skin issues until I found Dr. Weisman. She is extremely knowledgable and I would recommend her 100%.

October 30, 2014

Dr Weisman and her entire office staff are FANTASTIC! From making you feel welcomed to offering professional medical care in a timely manner they are the top medical care team I have ever visited. Dr Weisman is personable, caring and very competent!!!

October 6, 2014

Dr. Wiseman and her staff is always professional and friendly, and my visit is a wonderful experience. I am in and out in forty five minutes and very pleased and satisfied. Dr. Wiseman discusses everything pertaining to my condition and treatment with me.

August 24, 2014

Dr. Weisman was extremely nice, and very knowledgeable and addressed the issues and had a very calming effect. Her staff were very accommodating and competent. I have already recommended her to several friends.

My dermatologist, Jamie Weisman, is opening her own practice. She will be located in Sandy Springs in the Johnson Ferry Rd area. She will still be doing research with investigational meds especially dealing with psoriasis and autoimmune diseases. I have psoriasis and have been in a study for several months. You may think that psoriasis is just a nuisance itchy problem, but it is way more than that. It is a real disease. An autoimmune disease. There are different forms, people have breakouts in different areas, of course there are different levels of severity. In order to be in this study, I think I had to have at least 14% which does not sound like a lot but that is considered moderate to severe. It burns, it itches, it stings, it is messy and unsightly and so uncomfortable. This is my left arm and hand before and my left arm after which was taken just a couple minutes ago. She says I am 100% clear! Yea. I feel better and my mind is not constantly on the big P. This study has been a lifesaver for me. Dr Weisman cares so much about her patients. I am excited for her and her new practice and am so blessed to have her on my side! She helps people when other doctors have turned them away and have given up on them. She is excited when I am feeling and looking better and she is encouraging. Since I have been her patient, I have learned 2 things. #1 that there are so many autoimmune diseases some I cannot even pronounce and #2, she fights for what her patients need. I praise the Lord that she is my Dr. and am honored to know her. Thank you Dr Weisman.

Jacqueline B.

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