Atlanta Sun Spots Treatment

If you need effective treatment for your sun spots, you can turn to Medical Dermatology Specialists in Atlanta. We have a nationally recognized dermatologist, Dr. Jamie Weisman, and a team of qualified skin care professionals who are dedicated to making sure you receive the highest standard of dermatological care for your sun spots and other skin disorders. Medical Dermatology Specialists in Atlanta delivers knowledgeable, patient centered care using the most advanced techniques available to treat the pre-cancerous lesions known as sun spots. You can be confident that we will take your sun spot treatment and removal seriously and educate you on the important ways to prevent sun spots as well.

Brown Skin Spot Removal

If you have neglected to protect your skin from years of sun exposure, you might notice dry, scaly bumps on your skin that are reddish-brown in color. Sun spots are typically found on your neck, arms, shoulders, face or back of your hands. These brown skin spots need prompt removal, not just for cosmetic benefit but for your medical health as well. Brown sun spots are pre-cancerous lesions that can soon develop into more serious skin cancer if not treated. Medical Dermatology Specialists can give you a thorough skin exam to determine if there are any pre-cancerous sun spots on your skin that need attention. We offer a wide variety of brown spot removal options based on your specific needs and preferences. Liquid nitrogen applications and chemical peels are both proven to be effective sun spot removal methods.

What Causes Sun Spots?

Chronic sun exposure is the cause of unwanted sun spots. Sun spots, also known as actinic keratoses, occurs when UV light accelerates the production of melanin in the skin. This creates a localized area of uneven pigment or color. Fair-skinned people are more at risk for sun spots due to their increased sensitivity to sun exposure. At Medical Dermatology Specialists, we have the knowledge and expertise you need to eliminate this pre-malignant skin condition. You can trust Dr. Weisman to provide a new level of superior patient care by taking the time to not only comprehensively treat your skin concerns but also monitor them closely for your peace of mind. Contact our Atlanta Sun Spots Treatment Experts today to learn more about our advanced sun spot treatment options at Medical Dermatology Specialists.