Atlanta Treatment for the Most Common Cancer

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Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the US. Estimates are as many as 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer. Let’s review the four types of skin cancer dermatologists see and how it can be treated in and near Atlanta by a board-certified dermatologist specializing in skin cancer.

What is Skin Cancer?

There are four types of skin cancer: melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and lipoma. Each one requires specific treatment, which is available in the Atlanta area.

Melanoma is the most serious skin cancer, and you will find it in a mole. So, it’s important to know your body, including any moles you have. You should be concerned about any new mole or an existing mole that starts to change in color or borders.

Basal Cell Carcinoma is a slow-growing malignancy that usually shows itself on the face. This cancer appears in several ways, from a red patch to a shiny bump or a scar-like spot. In addition, it can be yellow or white or even waxy-looking. So again, pay attention to your skin. If something develops and doesn’t go away with good hygiene practices and lasts for more than two weeks, see a dermatologist specializing in skin cancer, including basal cell carcinoma.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma is the one we get from UV rays when we don’t protect our skin outdoors. Men are at higher risk of squamous cell carcinoma, as are light-skinned, blonde-haired or red-headed people prone to sunburn or freckles.

Lipoma shows up as BENIGN tumors that live between the skin and the muscle. These tumors are bumps you can feel under the skin. These slow-growing tumors are comprised of fatty tissues and may continue to grow, but they are not malignant. However, many still need removal due to their location.

Skin Cancer Screening in Atlanta

The best thing you can do is get screened for skin cancer if you find anything unusual like new moles, odd bumps or irritated skin that won’t get better. Contact Medical Dermatology Specialists today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Jamie Weisman, our board-certified dermatologist with a special interest and training in skin cancer treatment.

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