Taking Care of Your Skin with Eczema

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It’s December now, and the temperatures are dropping. Sometimes, all you want to do is hop in a hot bath and warm up to try to avoid the cold. However, if you have eczema, your skin problem could be worsened by your desire to soak in a bathtub filled with hot water. Additionally, baths filled with the popular bath bombs can be even more aggravating to your condition.

Eczema is characterized by itchy rashes that are typically in the creases of your knees or elbows. This itchiness can lead to scratching, which can lead to redness, swelling, cracking and blistering. If you or your child has this condition, a dermatologist, such as Dr. Weisman will properly diagnose it and provide a treatment plan that will give you or your child the long-term relief you deserve.

Winter conditions such as low humidity, wind and cooler temperatures can lead to dry skin and can irritate your eczema and make it worse. In addition, harsh soaps (like those that may be found in bath bombs or bubble baths) and too much washing can lead to dry skin.

The National Eczema Association recommends, “Tips for bathing and moisturizing with eczema.”

  1. Take a lukewarm bath for five to 10 minutes at least once per day, and use a gentle cleanser (no soaps). Avoid scrubbing the affected skin. They recommend bathing at night, just before bed to help your skin better retain its moisture.
  2. After bathing, pat your skin lightly with a towel, but leave it slightly damp.
  3. Apply a high-oil content moisturizer to improve your hydration and protect your skin’s barrier.

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