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You have around five million hair follicles distributed across your body, with the exception of the soles of your feet and palms of your hands. At any time, these small holes may become blocked, usually due to the accumulation of excess oil and an influx of bacteria.

These blockages become what we know as a whitehead, blackhead, pimple, papule or cyst. It is incredibly common to develop an occasional blemish anywhere on your body, especially on areas that are more likely to be oily or sweaty, such as the face, neck, chest, back and buttocks. If you experience frequent spots that do not heal quickly, you could be experiencing mild to severe acne.

What Is the Difference Between Mild and Severe Acne?

Whiteheads and blackheads are considered non-inflammatory and represent the most minor form of acne. These blemishes should not swell or be painful. Contrary to popular belief, blackheads are not caused by dirt trapped under the skin. They are practically the same as whiteheads, except the matter trapped within has darkened due to contact with the air.

Red bumps under the skin (known as papules) and angry, pus-filled follicles can be painful, swollen and harder to conceal. At the most severe, acne sufferers develop nodules, where a blocked pore has damaged deeper skin tissue; or cysts, which lie deeper than nodules and are large, soft and filled with pus.

Why Consider Acne Treatment?

Acne can be a very embarrassing condition for sufferers. Social stigma can lead to feelings of shame and unwillingness to socialize. It is typically considered a ‘teenage problem,’ meaning that adults with acne may feel additionally disadvantaged socially and romantically. At-home treatments can aggravate the skin further, exacerbating the problem. If left untreated, acne can result in lifelong scarring or dark spots on the skin.

To combat acne, Medical Dermatology Specialists, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia, recommends contacting a dermatological specialist. At our clinic, we will develop a personalized treatment plan based around your skin’s unique needs. Whether you are an adult or a teenager, we believe that no one should suffer the pain and embarrassment of acne.

Restore your confidence today; contact Medical Dermatology Specialists, Inc. in Atlanta to arrange a consultation.

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Dr. Weisman was very professional, friendly, and engaged in conversation with terminology I would understand. Her beside manner was, quite frankly, surprising! It was one of the most comfortable visits I've ever experienced with a doctor.
Jeffery D.
Dr. Weisman is a great doctor! She was very informative and personally! Her staff were very welcoming as well I'm glad I found her because she is the only doctor who truly explained what was going with me.
Waquele H.
I truly cannot express how thankful I am for this practice. I have been treated with kindness and immense care by every staff member I have encountered here. The nurses and assistants are beyond attentive and genuinely care for the patient. I have just received a treatment plan from Dr. Laura Biehl, and even if this particular treatment plan doesn't provide me relief, I am confident that Dr. Biehl will work to figure out a solution. She is extremely knowledgeable, listens to patient concerns, and takes time to answer patient questions. Dr. Biehl, and this practice are true gems. If you have any dermatological issues this practice is absolutely the best of the best.
Hayley K.

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If your skin disease is affecting your quality of life or you have been told your skin disorder is no longer treatable, we invite you to discover our unique medical dermatology practice in Atlanta. You will find a team of experts in dermatology who are not only dedicated to treating your skin symptoms, but who will work with your primary care doctor and other specialists to give you the comprehensive skin care approach you need to be healthy. Dr. Weisman can show you what it means to have a doctor who is truly an advocate for your health.

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