Cherry Angiomas

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Many adults find that they suddenly have tiny flat red dots appear on their skin as they continue to get older. These “bumps” are known as Cherry Angiomas. Cherry angiomas are common benign skin growths that consist of an abnormal growth of capillaries close to the surface of the skin. They have no malignant potential, meaning they do not develop into cancer, and they do not need to be treated unless desired for cosmetic concerns. At Medical Dermatology Specialists, we understand that any new growth on the body can cause concern, especially if it appears in a very visible or public spot. Any new growth should be checked out by a dermatologist to ensure that it is not something to be concerned with.

Dr. Jamie Weisman is a nationally recognized board-certified dermatologist who leads Medical Dermatology Specialists. She is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and advanced skin care treatments in Atlanta for all of her patients, including children and adults. Cherry angiomas often cause many people to fear that they are developing skin cancer or another problematic condition. At Medical Dermatology Specialists, we take all of our patients’ concerns seriously because we understand that new growths can be scary.

Cherry angiomas appear suddenly, and there is currently no known cause for why they appear. A person who develops one will most likely continue to develop them, and they can grow up to 1 centimeter in size. If you have noticed any new growth on your skin, contact Medical Dermatology Specialists in Atlanta to schedule an appointment to be seen. While cherry angiomas are not life threatening, it is best to have a medical professional evaluate them. And, if you wish to have them removed, there options available. Medical Dermatology Specialists offers personalized care and expertise in skin care for the entire family.