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Dandruff is a common scalp condition in which small pieces of dry skin from the scalp flake off. Many people associate dandruff with poor hygiene, but this is not a correct association. Dandruff is a chronic condition that affects the scalp, and it can be embarrassing to those who suffer from it. While dandruff is not contagious and it rarely turns into a serious condition, many people find it hard to control and treat. At Medical Dermatology Specialists in Atlanta, Dr. Jamie Weisman leads her exceptional team by providing thorough evaluations for skin conditions. Dr. Weisman’s extensive dermatology background has given her the insight to understand that many issues that affect the skin are actually more than skin deep. The entire staff of Medical Dermatology Specialists offers the latest and most progressive treatment options for chronic dandruff.

For most people with dandruff, it is nothing more than a nuisance that causes feelings of embarrassment and self-consciousness. Oily, white, dry flakes that dot the head and shoulders are not a fashionable accessory that anyone wants to wear. There are difference causes of dandruff, and for those with chronic dandruff it is often difficult to determine what the root cause is. For some, dry skin is the issue, and most people will also have symptoms and signs of dry skin on other parts of their bodies. For others, it is irritated and oil skin on the scalp that causes dandruff. Seborrheic dermatitis is marked by red, greasy skin that is covered with flaky white or yellow scales. This condition often affects the eyebrows, backs of the ears, and arm pits where the skin is rich in oil glands. Some people suffer from dandruff because they shampoo their hair too often, while others suffer from dandruff because they do not wash their hair frequently enough. While most cases of dandruff can be controlled by an over the counter dandruff shampoo, some cases are trickier than others.

If you suffer from dandruff and have shampooed faithfully for several weeks with a dandruff shampoo without seeing positive results, and/or your scalp has had a negative reaction to the ingredients in the shampoo – please contact Medical Dermatology Specialists. We can determine what type of dandruff you have, the causes of your specific dandruff, and prescribe a treatment that is specific to your needs. Prescription strength shampoos are available, but determining the ingredients that you need is the most important aspect. Call today to schedule an appointment and be on your way to finding relief.