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If you have Rosacea, people may continually ask if you have a sunburn or if you are embarrassed. These questions are generally due to the appearance of red and inflamed skin on the central face. Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that causes redness and visible blood vessels in the face. Because the face is such a personal feature of the body, the emotional effects of rosacea are often far more upsetting than the physical ones. At Medical Dermatology Specialists in Atlanta, Dr. Jamie Weisman leads her team of specialists to provide cutting-edge treatments to patients who suffer from rosacea.

Rosacea is a skin condition that comes and goes. While there is relief when the symptoms disappear, a flare-up can cause severe inflammation on the face. Rosacea can affect people of all ethnicities, yet this skin condition typically affects Caucasian adults most commonly. Caucasian women over the age of 30 are generally those who suffer the worst from rosacea. There is no cure for this skin condition, but treatment and general knowledge of the condition can help control and reduce symptoms.

Many people with rosacea find that there are specific “triggers” that can lead to a flare-up in their skin. Triggers affect individuals differently, so part of the management of rosacea is keeping track of how your skin is affected. The most common triggers are: sun exposure, extreme temperatures (both hot and cold), stress, certain foods (often spicy foods), and heavy exercise. One of the best ways to help manage your rosacea is to keep a journal to record outbreaks so that you can begin to pinpoint your personal triggers.

While there is no cure for rosacea, this skin condition can be regulated with certain treatments. Topical and oral antibiotics are often effective in treating certain symptoms to reduce inflammation and kill any bacteria that irritates the skin. Laser treatments are also effective in helping reduce the appearance of redness and inflammation. Laser treatments are the most effective long-term treatment available, but they generally require follow-up treatments to eliminate newly-formed blood vessels that breakout on the skin.

If you suffer from rosacea, please contact Medical Dermatology Specialists today. We can give you an accurate diagnosis for your specific rosacea type and provide the most effective treatment for long-term relief.

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