Diaper Rash and Summer

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Diapers are a necessity for all babies and toddlers, but they do not come without their disadvantages. Diapers are worn against the skin in order to absorb wetness, yet because they do hold wetness, diapers can cause a rash to develop on the delicate skin of the bottom region. During the summer, diaper rash is easily made worse by the high temperatures and high humidity. The skin pH level is made less cohesive to urinary wetness and stool enzymes, causing inflammation of the skin to be a common occurrence throughout the summer.

Friction is commonly associated with diaper rash during the summer. The skin inside of the legs where it meets with the elastic of the diaper, the inner thighs, and often the cheeks of the buttocks are common areas where friction causes diaper rash. Diapers that are fastened too tightly can also cause diaper rash, but this form of diaper rash tends to come and go quickly with frequent diaper changes and adequate time for the skin to air out between diapers.

Intertrigo is caused by moist heat, and it is a type of diaper rash that occurs deep in the skin folds. This type of diaper rash can be painful to an infant or small child, and dermatology intervention is often necessary for relief.

A yeast infection is often a common cause of diaper rash because yeast is by far the most common type of organism found in a diaper rash. Yeast should be considered as a culprit for any diaper rash that lasts longer than 72 hours with intervention already established. If skin barriers and creams are not effective, your child needs to be seen by a doctor. A diaper rash caused by a yeast infection is extremely painful and uncomfortable to your child, and it will be made worse with time and constant exposure to wet and soiled diapers. Heat and humidity will increase the discomfort and spreading of a yeast induced diaper rash, so immediate medical attention is necessary.

With summer temperatures and humidity levels at their highest points throughout July and August in Georgia, it is essential that you monitor your baby’s skin in and out of his/her diaper. If your baby is suffering from extreme diaper rash, please contact Medical Dermatology Specialists today. We will provide the relief that your baby needs.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Jamie Weisman, Medical Dermatology Specialists, Inc.