Don’t Let Eczema Ruin Your Summer

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Many people associate eczema with cold winter weather. The dryness of the air outside, the dryness of air indoors, and the constant battle of trying to keep the skin hydrated can certainly all contribute to eczema flare-ups in winter. However, those who suffer from this skin condition know that eczema flare-ups can ruin their summers.

Heat makes everyone sweat. While some people are grossed out by sweat, it is a natural bodily defense mechanism to control the body’s temperature. Sweat is mostly made up of water. As water evaporates from the skin’s surface, it provides a natural cooling sensation to lower the skin. Sweat also consists of sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, urea, lactic acid, iron, zinc, nickel, iron, lead, and chromium. Even though these minerals are natural, as well, they can be irritating to sensitive skin. Since Georgia is infamous for its humidity levels, sweat does not evaporate from the skin as easily as in “dry heat.” When the skin has a buildup of chemicals on the skin, it can trigger underlying skin conditions.

Here are Tips to Prevent Eczema From Ruining Your Summer:

  • Try not to get or stay too sweaty.
  • Wear soft, breathable clothing to keep your body cool.
  • Wear sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher every day. Make sure you avoid sunscreens that have chemicals that trigger your symptoms.
  • Chose sunscreen that physically blocks the ultraviolet rays with the minerals zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.
  • Wear a hat.
  • Take a shower after you come indoors.
  • Apply a layer of lotion before you swim to prevent chlorine from irritating your skin.
  • Be mindful of what bug sprays you apply to your skin.

If eczema is affecting your quality of life this summer, don’t lose hope. Dr. Weisman wants to help you discover our unique medical dermatology practice in Atlanta. Dr. Weisman is a true advocate for healthy skin. Contact Medical Dermatology Specialists today for personalized care and strong expertise in treating mild or severe eczema.

Don’t let eczema ruin your summer! Call us today.

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