Dry, Blotchy Facial Skin

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After-summer skin often needs time to repair. Throughout the summer, even with proper sunscreen application, the high temperatures, humidity, and ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause stress to the skin. It takes time to repair, to heal from this damage. One common skin concern that troubles many people is dry, blotchy patches that occur on the face. Skin that has suffered trauma will show evidence of damage, and like many scars, they cause uneven healing. Blotchy skin patches on the face can cause people to feel embarrassed and self-conscious. At Medical Dermatology Specialist, we offer the highest standard in dermatological care and provide the most advanced techniques available to treat your skin concerns effectively.

Sometimes, it is obvious why blotchy patches occur on the face, while other times it takes some investigation. Good parents are conscious of the need to apply sunscreen on their children, yet they struggle to find the cause of their children’s sunburn. It is essential to know that reapplication of sunscreen is necessary. Many times, goggles rub off sunscreen that has been applied to the face. Without constant reapplication, the places where sunscreen has been rubbed off are left incredibly vulnerable to sun damage. This is one of the most common causes of dry, blotchy skin on children’s and adolescent’s face.

Hormones in adolescents and adults also trigger reactions of the skin that often leave evidence of trauma and damage long after swimming days are over. Hormones often leave the skin more vulnerable at certain times. For females, the monthly cycle causes hormonal spikes to occur that can leave the skin more exposed to and susceptible to damage. For males, puberty lasts longer than just a one-time occurrence; as the male body changes and develops, male hormones can trigger skin changes that are sensitive to sun exposure.

Whatever the cause of your dry, blotchy, damaged skin, Dr. Jamie Weisman and her staff at Medical Dermatology Specialists in Atlanta, have the knowledge and expertise you need to eliminate your blotchy skin. Dr. Weisman looks beyond the obvious signs of concern in order to identify any spots on the skin that look suspicious. Dr. Weisman will closely monitor any skin spots for your peace of mind and your health.

If summer has left you with dry, blotchy facial skin, or any other skin issues, please contact Medical Dermatology Specialists today.