Effective Skin Tag Removal Options

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Skin tags rarely cause a problem, but there are some instances where you may want to have one removed. Removal is optional, but could be beneficial if it causes discomfort or is visible and affects your self-confidence. If your dermatologist suspects cancer, they may also recommend skin tag removal. Luckily, several quick and easy methods are conveniently available at your doctor’s office.

Medical Skin Tag Removal

The most effective and safest methods of removing skin tags are performed by an experienced dermatologist or another provider in a medical setting. Several options are available, and one may be recommended over the others depending on its size, location and other factors.

  • Burning: A small cauterization tool effectively removes a skin tag by burning it. Large ones may need to be removed in several treatments.
  • Freezing: A skin tag can be removed with liquid nitrogen through cryotherapy. It will fall off within 14 days, but larger skin tags may require more than one treatment.
  • Excision: Larger skin tags may be removed with a scalpel or surgical scissors after first numbing and sanitizing the skin. It also ensures the skin tag is removed quickly.
  • Electrodesiccation: An electrode that passes an electric current through the skin tag will cause it to dry up and fall off after time.

Home Remedies to Avoid

There are many home remedies for skin tags. Some of them, like applying garlic or Vitamin E regularly to shrink the skin tag, are less effective and may take weeks or months to show improvement, if they work at all. Other remedies could lead to bleeding, an infection or scarring. A licensed provider should always perform skin tag removal in a clinical setting. Just a few of the DIY skin tag removal methods to avoid include:

  • Tying with string
  • Chemical peel
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Removal creams
  • Freezing kits
  • Cutting/clipping

To learn more about skin tag removal options and to get a personalized treatment plan based on your needs, call Medical Dermatology Specialists to set up your appointment with one of our experienced providers. Get a thorough assessment and guidance on taking better care of your skin.

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