Four Ways that Psoriasis Can Negatively Impact Your Life

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In many cases, sufferers of psoriasis can effectively manage symptoms with simple treatment options. However, in complex cases, the lives of sufferers are severely impacted. It is important to understand that this condition can affect you in more ways than meet the eye.

As a specialist in offering relief from dermatological conditions, Dr. Jamie Weisman caters to patients from all walks of life. She provides compassionate care, focused on the needs of the individual. When psoriasis interferes with work and lifestyle choices, it is time to seek specialist help in Atlanta.

Personal Appearance
The visible impact of psoriasis is often clear for all to see. If you feel embarrassed due to the physical symptoms of your condition, there is effective treatment available. From topical creams to systemic methodologies, every patient can benefit from the expertise of Dr. Weisman.

The most noticeable signs of plaque psoriasis present on the elbows, knees or scalp. These symptoms often inform clothing and hairstyling choices. You may feel paranoid when affected areas are visible, which can significantly limit your enjoyment of life.

Painful Psoriasis Symptoms
In severe cases, the symptoms of psoriasis can become extremely painful. You may experience cracked skin around the elbow or knee joints. Everyday activities such as walking or lifting can exacerbate these symptoms.

If you find yourself participating fewer in physical pursuits due to discomfort from dermatological issues, seek help in Atlanta today. Dr. Weisman offers relief to patients suffering from painful psoriasis symptoms at her Georgia offices.

Sleep Deprivation
Is it not unusual for sufferers of psoriasis to experience sleep deprivation. Finding a comfortable position with your symptoms can prove difficult. You may also find that rest is disturbed when flareups occur. Reducing these symptoms will help you sleep better at night.

A consultation with Dr. Weisman will help you identify the best treatments and strategies for dealing with psoriasis symptoms. Tailored solutions are designed to take your work and lifestyle needs into consideration.

Lack of Concentration
When you are constantly focused on psoriasis symptoms, concentrating on anything can become difficult. Your school work or career is likely to suffer as a result. Do not allow a treatable condition to dictate your life and happiness. A consultation with Dr. Weisman can provide solutions.

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