Is Contact Dermatitis Impacting Your Working Day?

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Contact dermatitis is a condition that is hard to live with, as it affects every aspect of your day. While at home, sufferers can take stringent care to ensure that they do not come into contact with allergens. However, the same precautions will not always work in public or at a workplace.

No matter where you work, it is likely that you will encounter some of the allergens that trigger contact dermatitis. In some roles, you may even need special provisions to prevent flareups of the condition. This can make every day a struggle to keep symptoms at bay.

Metal Allergens

You can avoid metal allergens such as nickel, cobalt, copper and chromium in your personal life with a little care. In the outside world, there is no such guarantee. These materials are commonly used in the making of jewelry, tools, vehicle parts and more.

Most contact dermatitis sufferers are good at identifying potential allergens. However, it is exhausting having to constantly question every piece of metal you encounter. In the workplace, it is important to have a frank conversation with your employer to determine any reasonable adjustments that can be made.

Soaps & Liquids

Soaps and liquids present groups of allergens that are also difficult to avoid. In many cases, you cannot see a problematic substance, making avoidance next to impossible. When you are working, other employees may even introduce allergens to your station that could trigger contact dermatitis symptoms.

Those who suffer from suffer contact dermatitis may choose to wear protective gloves. Unfortunately, this may not work as a practical solution, depending on the requirements of your role. The alternative often involves cleaning every surface before touching, which is a time-consuming process.

Contact Dermatitis Consultation

If you are struggling to get through a day at work without contact dermatitis symptoms flaring up, there is help available in Atlanta. At Medical Dermatology Specialists, we will determine the exact cause of the condition and provide effective treatments and strategies.

Call the offices of Medical Dermatology Specialists to book a consultation at our Georgia offices.

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