Keratosis Pilaris

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Summer time is the perfect time to wear sleeveless shirts, tanks, and dresses. While these wardrobe essentials may be cool and comfortable, they also expose all of the arm. Many people work hard to have toned and attractive arms and others are simply fine to leave their arms alone. However, a common complaint among people, whether they have toned or untoned arms, is a skin condition known as keratosis pilaris. This skin condition causes small, hard bumps on the skin that feel rough to the touch and are often noticeable to the eye. While this skin condition is generally not painful, it can cause the skin to itch, which causes people to scratch the skin – making the appearance of the condition more obvious.

The skin is an amazing organ, the largest of the body, and it continually works to protect and heal itself. The body naturally produces keratin, which is the protein that protects skin from infections. When the skin produces an overabundance of keratin it will build up and clog the skin. Keratosis pilaris is caused from the buildup forming a plug that blocks the opening of a hair follicle, resulting in a small bump on the skin. Typically, the buildup occurs in patches on the skin, making bumps pop up and cover certain areas of the skin – such as the back of the arms.

People who have naturally drier skin or certain skin conditions such as eczema are more likely to have keratosis pilaris. There is currently no cure for this skin condition, but through specific care it can be easily managed. At Medical Dermatology Specialists in Atlanta, Dr. Jamie Weisman treats patients with a strong medical expertise and compassionate care. Prescription strength lotions and creams are often successful at helping patients who suffer from keratosis pilaris skin look and feel better. Avoiding scratching and picking at the bumps, limiting time in water, using warm water instead of hot water for bathing, and avoiding drying soap ingredients will also help to keep the skin comfortable.

If you suffer from keratosis pilaris, eczema, or other skin conditions, please contact Medical Dermatology Specialists today. Our practice holds a reputation for helping patients find successful solutions to skin problems because we value a comprehensive approach to treating the primary cause of your skin condition.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Jamie Weisman, Medical Dermatology Specialists, Inc.