Lawrenceville Lipoma Treatment

Lipomas are fatty tumors that commonly occur in individuals during middle age. These skin bumps are typically harmless but can make you feel uncomfortable about your appearance. Individuals in Gwinnett County can receive effective lipoma treatment from Medical Dermatology Specialists in Lawrenceville.

Causes of Lipoma

There is no known cause for lipomas, but expert medical professionals believe the condition is hereditary. Some health conditions may create the formation of multiple lipomas. These disorders include Dercum’s disease, Gardner syndrome, hereditary multiple lipomatosis and Madelung’s disease.

Symptoms of Lipomas

The symptoms of lipomas may include fatty lumps under the skin that move when touched. These benign lumps can appear anywhere on the body and can be painless. Lipomas are most commonly found on the chest, back, shoulders, neck and arms. These benign growths can appear anywhere on the body, but are typically seen on the neck, chest, shoulders and upper thighs.

Types of Lipomas

There are several types of lipomas. Angiolipomas contain blood vessels and fat and can be painful. Conventional lipomas contain white fat cells and fibro lipomas are mixed with fat and fibrous tissue. Myelolipomas feature fat with tissues that create blood cells. Pleomorphic lipomas contain fat cells of varying shapes and sizes.

Spindle cell lipomas have fat cells that are longer than the cells’ width. Hipernomas differ from other lipomas, as these contain brown fat instead of white fat. Brown fat cells are responsible for generating heat to regulate body temperature.

Lawrenceville Fatty Tumor Removal

Most lipomas are harmless to a person’s health and fine without treatment. If desired, fatty tumors can be removed surgically by excision by a Lawrenceville dermatologist in Gwinnett County. Individuals can resume normal activities following the outpatient procedure. Liposuction can be another effective cosmetic procedure to remove fatty tumors.

Customized Lipoma Treatment in Gwinnett County

If you are self-conscious about fatty lumps on your skin, you may want to consider lipoma fatty tumor removal from a local medical dermatologist. For individuals diagnosed with lipomas in Gwinnett County, Medical Dermatology Specialists in Lawrenceville can assist with fatty tumor removal with customized treatment plans to meet personal health needs. Request an appointment today.