Lawrenceville Skin Rash Treatment

Skin rashes can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. While most of these skin disorders may be harmless, some rashes can signify a serious underlying health condition. Common skin rashes many individuals experience include skin disorders such as hives, eczema or shingles. Soothing skin rash treatment solutions from Medical Dermatology Specialists in Lawrenceville offer lasting relief for Gwinnett County residents.

Causes of Skin Rashes

Skin rashes can be caused by a wide variety of factors. Underlying medical or skin conditions and allergies to chemicals or jewelry are the top reasons why individuals can develop symptoms. Contact with poisonous plants like poison ivy can lead to rash outbreaks. An accurate diagnosis by a Lawrenceville dermatologist in Gwinnett County can help you determine the source of your skin rash.

Symptoms of Skin Rash

The symptoms of skin rash include dry flaky skin, oozing sores, blistering and intense itchiness. Symptoms can vary depending on the source of the rash and a person’s skin sensitivity. Rashes can appear on small areas or become widespread on a person’s body. A skin rash can develop within minutes to hours after exposure to an irritant or allergen and last between two to four weeks. Symptoms of fatigue, joint swelling or fever may be signs of an autoimmune disorder.

When to Seek Skin Rash Treatment

Many skin rashes are harmless, but there are certain circumstances where you may strongly want to consider treatment from a Lawrenceville dermatologist in Gwinnett County. Contact a dermatologist if you experience body-wide or recurring rashes, fever, pain or blistering. Signs of an infection from a skin rash can include a yellow discharge, red streaks and crusting. A prescription steroid cream can help relieve the inflammation and itching for a skin rash. The dermatologist can also recommend prevention tips and other ways you can manage your symptoms.

Relieve Your Skin Rash

A skin rash can make you uncomfortable and self-conscious about your appearance. If you are unaware of what is causing your skin rash, a consultation with a dermatologist can be highly beneficial. Medical Dermatology Specialists in Lawrenceville will recommend customized treatment plans for individuals throughout Gwinnett County. Get relief from your skin rashes by scheduling an appointment today.