Lawrenceville Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are benign tumors that appear as raised bumps similar to warts anywhere on your body. These benign growths feature a thin tissue called a stalk that allows it to hang above the surface of the skin. While typically harmless, these tags can make you self-conscious about your looks. Skin tag removal treatment options at Medical Dermatology Specialists in Lawrenceville can be highly effective for men and women in Gwinnett County.

What Causes Skin Tags?

While an exact cause is unknown, expert medical professionals believe skin tags can be the result of aging or genetics. These growths can appear on anyone of any age. Repetitive friction and an unhealthy lifestyle or diet can also contribute to this condition. Obese, pregnant or diabetic individuals can be at a greater risk for skin tag formation. These tags are not contagious.

Skin tags can form on any area of the body and are commonly noticeable on eyelids, the neck, underarms and under breasts. Individuals typically experience no symptoms unless the tag becomes irritated by snagging or rubbing against clothing or jewelry. Skin tags should be monitored regularly like moles for any changes that may signal the beginning of a more serious skin condition. If you notice your skin tag becoming larger or spreading, you may want to contact a dermatologist as soon as possible.

How Skin Tag Removal Works

You may have seen home remedies and products online to remove skin tags on your own. This is not recommended because you can create irritation, infection or injury. During professional skin tag removal, the tumor is removed by either burning, freezing or excision. The outpatient procedure can be done within minutes and leave no visible scarring. Individuals can return to normal daily activities following the procedure.

Effective Skin Tag Removal Treatment in Gwinnett County

Skin tag removal can help you boost self-confidence with your appearance. Treatment is simple and convenient with general and medical dermatology services. If you live in Gwinnett County, you can receive a customized treatment plan from a dermatologist at Medical Dermatology Specialists in Lawrenceville. Request an appointment today for a skin tag removal consultation.