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The team at Medical Dermatology Specialists is changing lives in Georgia. With experience as both a clinical researcher and treatment provider, Dr. Jamie Weisman is able to offer a range of treatments for skin diseases and cancers.

At her clinics in Atlanta and Lawrenceville, Dr. Weisman welcomes pediatric and adult patients to benefit from her expertise. When you are searching for a dermatologist, compassion and experience are desirable traits. Value added services are also a bonus that you won’t find with every care provider.

Clinical Research & Breakthrough Dermatology

Although Dr. Weisman is primarily a treatment provider, she is still heavily engaged with clinical research. Breakthrough dermatology is the result of decades of studies conducted by specialists in various fields of medical science.

Medical Dermatology Specialists applies these new medications and treatment techniques to offer our patients effective relief. If you are suffering from painful, uncomfortable or embarrassing symptoms, Dr. Weisman invites you to attend a consultation. A second opinion may lead to solutions that were not previously available to you in Georgia.

Patient-Centered Care

With a focus on patient-centered care, Dr. Weisman is able to offer individualized treatment options. We understand that work and life commitments can impact your ability to address symptoms of skin disease. Our team is passionate about helping patients get the best from advanced care in Atlanta or Lawrenceville.

Every patient walks a different path in life. Some kids and adults are prevented from pursuing goals and aspirations due to skin health concerns. Symptoms can become painful due to overuse of affected limbs. There is also the issue of low self-esteem associated with visible scarring, moles, lesions and other abnormalities.

At Medical Dermatology Specialists, we offer our patients the opportunity to avail of clinical trials. You may receive access to treatments that are not widely available. Patient guided care means that you make the final decisions with guidance and recommendations from Dr. Weisman.

Contact Dr. Weisman and her team at Medical Dermatology Specialists today for a consultation. We offer a clear and defined path to effective treatments for a range of skin conditions in Georgia.

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