Melasma: What You Can Do About It

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Of all the changes that a woman’s body experiences during pregnancy, the two changes that can cause the most emotional discomfort are weight gain and melasma. Weight gain is a must, and it can be managed through a healthy diet. Weight can also be lost once the baby is born and the mother is cleared for exercise. However, melasma is something that can neither be prevented nor erased easily. Melasma, also known as the “mask of pregnancy,” is a skin condition that causes darkened or discolored patches of skin on the face. It can cause extreme feelings of self-consciousness and embarrassment to women who suffer from this condition.

Melasma is caused by hormone production during pregnancy. There is no rhyme or reason as to why certain women experience the mask of pregnancy while others do not. This discoloration is triggered by an increased production of melanin in the skin. Sun exposure, even during the winter months, can trigger melasma. Certain medications and heredity can also contribute to this skin condition.

Melasma does not threaten your physical health or the health of your growing baby, but it can threaten your emotional wellbeing. Even with makeup, the dark patches of melasma can still be visible on the skin. For women who are already in the throes of hormones, this discoloration can cause them to feel unattractive and have negative self-esteem.

Melasma typically goes away on its own, but it can take years if not treated. Once hormones regain their balance after pregnancy, the dark patches on the skin will fade. However, many women find that discoloration continues long after they have delivered their babies. For those suffering from melasma, topical creams, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser therapy can effectively treat this condition.

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