Reasons to Remove a Skin Cyst

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Skin cysts are fluid-filled lumps that form beneath the skin and often grow slowly. They are mostly benign (noncancerous), but some can become malignant, so it is best to keep a close eye on them.

However, never try to remove a cyst yourself, as it can become infected, resulting in complications. Instead, let Medical Dermatology Specialists help you remove the cyst if you are unhappy with its appearance or worried it might be harmful.

Cyst Types and Causes

Cysts are ordinary and come in many types, including sebaceous, epidermoid, ingrown hair, breast cysts and cystic acne. Most are painless unless they become infected, inflamed or ruptured.

A clogged sebaceous gland, an infection, a tumor, genetic conditions, parasites and injuries that break a vessel can cause cysts.

Reasons You May Want to Remove a Cyst

For health: If a cyst keeps growing or is causing you discomfort, it could mean that it is malignant or infected. It would be best if you had it removed and tested for cancer.

For comfort: Some cysts can grow in very inconvenient places that bend or press against things, interfering with your well-being. Furthermore, the cyst can burst if located in an area prone to constant pressure or friction, which can be problematic.

For cosmetic concerns: A cyst in a noticeable area – like the face, legs or arms – can make some people feel self-conscious. Plus, a cyst growing on your scalp can lead to hair loss. So, removing it not only makes you feel better about yourself, but also reduces the risk of it becoming infected and looking worse.

What Happens if you Choose Not to Remove a Cyst?

Overall, cyst removal is not necessary unless it is painful, continually growing or interfering with your quality of life in some other way. However, there is still the possibility that the cyst will burst, resulting in a more serious medical situation – especially if it was infected.

You may want to consider letting our team at Medical Dermatology Specialists remove it before it has a chance of becoming problematic. The procedure is simple and can be completed in-office in half an hour or less.

Skin Cyst Treatment in Atlanta

You can trust Dr. Weisman and the dedicated skincare professionals to give you the highest standard of care when draining your cyst or performing cyst removal surgery. Contact our practice in Atlanta to share your cyst concerns.

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