Seborrheic Keratosis

Dr. Jamie Weisman of Medical Dermatology Specialists in Atlanta GA

Seborrheic keratosis is a common skin condition that tends to affect certain adults as they age. They are noncancerous (benign) skin growths that often appear on the neck, back, or chest area. They are often described as large, dry wart-like growths that are light tan to black in color. For many people, having seborrheic keratosis does not affect them. However, for those with growths in obvious places on the body (such as the neck, jaw, or arms) they often choose to have the growths removed by a dermatologist. At Medical Dermatology Specialists, Dr. Jamie Weisman is a nationally recognized and board certified dermatologist that provides advanced and progressive skin care treatments to patients of all ages.

While seborrheic keratosis is the most common noncancerous skin growth in older adults, it does not mean that those with these growths have to live with them. Growths on the neck, jaw, or face often cause discomfort – both physically, such as with necklaces rubbing against growths on the neck, as well as emotional stress from embarrassment. Dr. Weisman has the expertise to accurately diagnose seborrheic keratosis, and she and her team of skin care professionals can provide effective treatment of unwanted symptoms.

There is no known cause of seborrheic keratosis, although there is much evidence to suggest that those whose parents or grandparents had seborrheic keratosis growths are more likely to develop them as well. If you have seborrheic keratosis that you would like to have treated, or if you have any skin growths that need professional attention, please contact Medical Dermatology Specialists to set up an appointment. We offer individualized treatment for each of our patients because we care about you as a person and how your skin condition affects you. Contact our Atlanta Seborrheic Keratosis Treatment Professionals today to learn about your options.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Jamie Weisman, Medical Dermatology Specialists, Inc.