Shaving Folliculitus

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The most unique aspect of male facial skin is that men have coarse facial hair that grows daily. Therefore, one of the most concerns facing male skincare is an issue called shaving folliculitis. This condition is commonly referenced as “razor bumps,” and it affects millions of men worldwide. If you struggle with the painful, itchy, and unattractive bumps on your face or neck after shaving, you can take action against this condition.

Razor bumps are a direct result of inflammation called pseudofolliculitis. This occurs when facial hairs, especially at the chin and neck, become ingrown and inflamed. This causes acne-like bumps to form on the skin’s surface, called papules and pustules. Razor bumps are more common in men with curly or thick hair, because of the tendency for a curly or thick hair follicle to grow back towards the skin rather than straight out of a hair follicle.

Most men make one of two mistakes when dealing with razor rash:

  1. They pick at the bumps and “pop” them as if they were pimples.
  2. They ignore the bumps.

Both of these are definitely mistakes. Picking at razor bumps can cause infection and scarring. Ignoring the bumps can lead to other unwanted skin conditions such as infection, inflammatory hyperpigmentation, keloids, and scarring. You must treat this skin condition with proper medical treatment in order to avoid more issues with your skin.

At Medical Dermatology Specialists, we offer effective ways of treating male skin conditions. Shaving folliculitis can be treated successfully. One simple step you may need to make is in how you shave your skin. Switching to an electric razor that does not cut so close to the skin can drastically reduce razor bumps. Applying a moisturizer before you shave and avoiding pulling the facial skin as you shave can also help prevent razor bumps.

If you are plagued by shaving folliculitis, contact Medical Dermatology Specialists today. We offer full-service dermatology care specifically for men.

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Posted on behalf of Dr. Jamie Weisman, Medical Dermatology Specialists, Inc.