Top 6 Reasons You Must Seek Treatment of Nail Fungus

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Problems will not go away by ignoring them. This reality holds especially true with matters of health. Ignoring health problems or thinking they might go away on their own frequently worsens matters. Nail fungus, or onychomycosis, is a perfect example.

Ignoring Nail Fungus is Dangerous

Don’t dismiss this common ailment as merely an aesthetic problem because failure to treat nail fungus can result in infections that keep you off your feet or become life-threatening.
Consult with Medical Dermatology Specialists if you notice your toenail(s) or fingernail(s) becoming discolored, thickened, misshapen, crumbly, ragged, brittle, separated from the nail bed or smelly. These are all symptoms of nail fungus. Treat it before it becomes worse.

Individuals with Health Complications are Particularly at Risk

Problems from nail fungus are more likely to occur in the elderly, diabetics and individuals using immunosuppressant treatments like chemotherapy or corticosteroids. For example, people with diabetes must not disregard the fungus. Even a slight infection can become cellulitis, a severe bacterial skin infection.

The Fungus Facilitates Bacterial Growth Within the Body

In addition, toenail fungus can cause splits in the skin through which bacteria can enter and cause infections. This can be detrimental for individuals with nerve damage or weak circulation.

Nail Fungus Can Cause Permanent Damage to the Nail and Toe

Nail fungus can lead to irreversible damage to the affected nail, toe or finger. In some cases, the affected nail has to be surgically removed.

It Can Be Painful

If left untreated, your nails become increasingly thickened, misshapen and discolored. Worse yet, you may begin to experience bleeding around the nails, swelling and pain around the nails and difficulty wearing shoes and walking. If you have not sought medical help yet, you definitely should now.

Furthermore, avoiding treatment will only make you feel increasingly uncomfortable from the pain and self-consciousness about the nail’s unsightliness.

It Becomes More Challenging to Cure the Longer You Wait

Nail fungus becomes more challenging to eliminate the longer it is left untreated. Even though there are various over-the-counter medications available and natural remedies, none of them are guaranteed to be effective. When the infection is early, it is easier for us to treat. Call Medical Dermatology Specialists today if you think you have nail fungus, so we can help you eliminate it before it becomes complicated.

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Posted on behalf of Dr. Jamie Weisman, Medical Dermatology Specialists, Inc.