What Are Those Red Patches on Your Skin?

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Any time an abnormal spot occurs on the skin, it can be troublesome. Many times, red patches occur that are more bothersome than worrisome, but it is always reassuring to know just what those red patches are on your skin. Below are the most common types of rashes, spots, or patches on the skin:

Rosacea: this is a common condition that causes redness of the skin on the face. Rosacea is most often seen in women, with symptoms coming and going. Rosacea can slowly spread from the cheeks to the nose, forehead, chin, ears, and even the chest area.

Hives: the symptoms of this condition are typically a fast onset of multiple red welts on the skin’s surface. Hives are often itching, vary in size, and tend to “move around” on the body. Hives may start out on the torso, but they may disappear from that area and then show up within a few minutes on a different part of the body.

Eczema: this skin condition includes an itchy rash that begins with extremely dry skin. Scratching the skin leads to redness, swelling, and blistering. This can be an extremely frustrating condition – both for adults and children. Parents of children who suffer from eczema are continually fighting to control the itching of the condition to help their children be comfortable.

Psoriasis: this systemic disease manifests itself in the skin. People are often embarrassed by this skin disease because it appears as well-defined, thick areas of red, scaly skin. Some people suffer from intense itching, while others do not. This condition typically develops on the scalp, elbows, and knees.

Lupus: this autoimmune disease causes the immune system to attack healthy cells and tissues within the body. The rash associated with lupus is identified by red skin patches, painful skin lesions, and raised nodules.

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