Palmoplantar Pustulosis

Which disease is being treated?

Palmoplantar Pustulosis

What are the study procedures?

We are looking for men and women who are 18 years or older; but younger than 75 years, and who
are willing to participate in a clinical trial with the investigational medication RIST4721. You will receive
physical examinations, your palmoplantar pustulosis will be evaluated and your blood and urine will be
collected for laboratory tests. Photos of your hands and feet will also be taken.

The aim of the study is to examine the safety and effectiveness of the study medication RIST4721.

The study medication is compared to placebo. The placebo will look like RIST4721, but it will not
contain active medication. You will be randomly assigned to study medication or placebo. You will
have a 1 out of 3 chance of receiving placebo.

How long does the study run?

The study will last approximately 4 months during which you will have to visit the study site 7 times.
Reasonable travel expenses while participating in the study will be reimbursed.

Which subject characteristics are we looking for?

Men and women who are 18 years or older, but younger than 75 years, who have been diagnosed
with palmoplantar pustulosis for at least 6 months.