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Ringworm is an unpleasant rash that affects the skin, and can also affect the nails and scalp. Unlike it sounds, ringworm is not a “worm” at all – giving many people a much easier time handling this skin condition. Ringworm is caused by mold-like fungi called Dermatophytes that live on the dead tissues of skin, hair, and nails. This is a common skin condition among athletes who share equipment, locker rooms, showers, or who participate in a contact sport.

Ringworm is a very contagious rash that is easily transferred between people. The most common source of the rash-causing fungi is other people, so avoiding contact with someone with ringworm or with his or her equipment, towels, and clothing can help to prevent that you will contract the condition. It can be difficult to avoid ringworm, especially for athletes. The dermatophyte fungi are very common, and in places like locker rooms and showers that are humid and warm, these fungi thrive in the environments. Wearing your own flip-flops in the shower and around the locker room can prevent ringworm from developing on the feet (known as Athlete’s Foot). Making sure that you use a clean, dry towel after showering can help to prevent ringworm from developing on the body.

Wrestlers are one of the most common athletes to develop ringworm. Their extremely close proximity during wrestling matches make it very difficult to avoid ringworm. If a participant has ringworm, s/he must tell the coach because it is not allowed for an infected wrestler to participate. Even a brief brush of the infected skin can transfer the fungi to another person’s skin. If you discover a red, patchy, itchy area that has the distinct circular pattern of ringworm on your skin, it is important that you seek medical attention.

Ringworm is fairly easy to treat with an antifungal medication. A topical ointment is generally prescribed for ringworm on the skin, but an oral antifungal medication is generally required for ringworm of the scalp or nails. At Medical Dermatology Specialists, we can give you a specialized treatment plan to safely and effectively eliminate your fungal infection. Contact our practice today to schedule an appointment.

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Dr. Weisman was very professional, friendly, and engaged in conversation with terminology I would understand. Her beside manner was, quite frankly, surprising! It was one of the most comfortable visits I've ever experienced with a doctor.
Jeffery D.
Dr. Weisman is a great doctor! She was very informative and personally! Her staff were very welcoming as well I'm glad I found her because she is the only doctor who truly explained what was going with me.
Waquele H.
I truly cannot express how thankful I am for this practice. I have been treated with kindness and immense care by every staff member I have encountered here. The nurses and assistants are beyond attentive and genuinely care for the patient. I have just received a treatment plan from Dr. Laura Biehl, and even if this particular treatment plan doesn't provide me relief, I am confident that Dr. Biehl will work to figure out a solution. She is extremely knowledgeable, listens to patient concerns, and takes time to answer patient questions. Dr. Biehl, and this practice are true gems. If you have any dermatological issues this practice is absolutely the best of the best.
Hayley K.

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