Nail Fungus in Winter

Foot with corns and calluses

Many people associate nail fungus with Athlete’s Foot as found in locker rooms. However, many people are surprised when they come down with nail fungus in the dead of winter. The common cause of this is the constant wearing of warm socks and shoes, keeping the feet warm and moist during the cold months. Dr. Jamie Weisman and her highly trained and certified staff at Medical Dermatology Specialists offers effective nail fungus treatment in Atlanta, even during the cold winter months. Nail are an extension of the skin on the fingers and toes, so any condition that affects the nails can easily infect the skin surrounding them. Patients at Medical Dermatology Specialists receive the most cutting-edge treatment available because we make it our priority to give superior and patient centered care to people of all ages.

Properly identifying and diagnosing nail fungus is the first step in eliminating the fungal infection. While we can give patients tips as to “airing out their feet” for a certain amount of time each day, we also give solutions for how to remedy the painful condition. It is always important to seek medical attention as soon as any signs of nail fungus appear. Symptoms include a small yellow patch on the nail, a patch on the nail that darkens or becomes dull over time, a nail that is painful, or one that emits a foul odor. Seeking professional attention before the nail separates from the nail bed is important to lessen the infection and to keep it from becoming a much worse condition.

Fungi often grow inside people’s shoes because of the warm, moist environment that is prominent there. During winter when people wear thick socks and keep their feet inside shoes or warm slippers for hours on end, fungi can multiply quickly. If you have any symptoms of a nail fungus you can trust Medical Dermatology Specialists for comprehensive and personalized care of the skin, nails, and head of your entire family. Please call the minute you notice symptoms because the most effective treatment begins now.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Jamie Weisman, Medical Dermatology Specialists, Inc.