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Skin tags are small, benign skin growths. They can develop on various parts of the body. It is unclear what triggers skin tags specifically, but several potential causes exist. These include:

  • Friction: Skin tags typically appear in body areas where skin rubs skin, such as the groin, underarms and neck. They may also develop in areas that experience friction from clothing or jewelry.
  • Homeostatic Imbalance: Hormonal changes, like those that occur during pregnancy or with certain medications, may play a role in creating skin tags.
  • Genetics: Some studies have suggested that genetics also play a role, as skin tags tend to run in families.
  • Obesity and Diabetes: Those with obesity or diabetes have an increased risk of developing skin tags.

While skin tags are often harmless, it is always best to consult a dermatologist to ensure the skin growth is benign. Still, even when the diagnosis clears you of danger, you may want to have the skin tag removed anyway.

Reasons People Get Skin Tags Removed

Usually, skin tags pose no health threat, but some people find them unsightly or uncomfortable. As a result, many opt to have them removed. This article presents seven of the most common reasons people choose to get rid of their skin tags.

  1. Cosmetic Concerns –Many individuals choose to have skin tags removed because they are unsightly. Skin tags can appear in visible areas, such as the face, neck or hands, which can be embarrassing or affect a person’s self-esteem. By removing the skin tags, people can feel more confident in their appearance.
  2. Irritation or Discomfort-Skin tags can become irritating or uncomfortable, mainly when rubbing against clothing or jewelry. In addition, some people may find that skin tags interfere with daily activities or cause discomfort during exercise. Removing the skin tags can alleviate these symptoms and improve a person’s quality of life.
  3. Catching on Objects-Skin tags can also catch on clothing, jewelry or other objects, which can be painful or cause the skin tag to bleed. Removing the skin tag can prevent this from happening.
  4. Medical Concerns-While skin tags are generally harmless but sometimes indicate an underlying medical condition. For example, in rare cases, skin tags may indicate a hormonal imbalance or other medical condition that requires treatment. If your dermatologist suspects an underlying medical condition, they may recommend removing the skin tag for further testing.
  5. Location of the Skin Tag-The location of the skin tag can also be a reason to have it removed. For example, skin tags in areas prone to friction, such as the underarms or groin, can become irritated or infected. Removing these skin tags can prevent these issues from occurring.
  6. Aging-Skin tags are more common in older adults and may indicate aging. Some people may choose to have skin tags removed as part of their overall anti-aging regimen.
  7. Aesthetic Reasons-Some people may have a skin tag in an area they do not want it in. They might have a skin tag on their eyelid, for instance, or in another noticeable area, and they want to remove it.

Pursuing Skin Tag Removal in Atlanta

If you have a skin tag causing discomfort or concern, consider scheduling a consultation with Medical Dermatology Specialists. Our dermatologists can adequately diagnose and help determine the best approach for removing the skin tag.

Whether for cosmetic reasons, medical concerns or discomfort, removing skin tags can improve your quality of life. So, do not hesitate to contact Medical Dermatology Specialists for a consultation booking if you have a skin tag needing removal.

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